Tuesday 6th of December 2022


The Laboratório de Nanotecnologia e Energia Solar (LNES) is located in the Chemistry Institute at UNICAMP. It has an area of 400 m2, including offices, computer room, an large experimental area and two instrumentation rooms (Geniès and LabToy).

The Geniès room, named in honor of a French scientist who studied all aspects of polyaniline, is designed to solar cell´s preparation. In the Geniès´s room, there are glove boxes  to store hazardous and hygroscopic solvents and chemicals; thermal evaporation instrument; layer-by-layer (LbL) equipment; spin coater; UV-Vis spectrophotometer UV/ozone oven; conductivity apparatus.

The LabToy, named in honor of a great friend and brilliant young scientist, Wilson A. Gazotti Jr, is a room for solar cell´s characterization and includes glove boxes for metal deposition, spin coater and device´s characterization; perfilometer; AM 1.5 Solar Simulators; an optical bench for solar cell performance measurements, photoluminescence analysis and other kinds procedures. LNES is also equipped with Autolab potentiostats (including an impedance module) and Keithley current-voltage (I-V) SourceMeter. 

The LNES group has access to other equipments located at the Chemistry Institute at Unicamp such us Fluorescence microscopies (time-resolved), Confocal Raman, DSC, TGA, FT-IR, DRX , BET - gas adsorption, AFM and SEM microscopies. The LNES has also access other detailed structural and microscopic analysis such as FEG-SEM, HR-TEM, SAXS, HR-XPS, EXAFS, GiWAXS and GiSAXS from the National Synchrotron Laboratory in Campinas.

The Chemistry Institute at Unicamp is one of the best research and teaching centers in Brazil. More information about its infrastructure can be found here